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Carly Kaplan Lebherz

Licensed Certified Social Worker -Clinical

Carly Kaplan Lebherz is a Licensed Clinical Therapist.

Her skills have been crafted by years of work as a clinical therapist as well as her experience as a yoga instructor, social worker, and former high school teacher.

Carly obtained her MSW from the University of Maryland.

Her therapeutic style utilizes a cognitive and mindfulness based approach to help individuals find calm and empowerment through the exploration of their personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

If you are struggling to find balance, meaning, and connection within your life, we can help. You deserve to take the time to stop and process what is going through your busy mind. The reward is getting to know yourself better, achieving desired goals, and building meaningful relationships with others. By seeking out help you have already made the first steps to feeling more motivated, grounded, and clear.

Together we can take action and get you back to steady ground.


Treatment Approach


Cognitive Behavior Therapy Mindfulness Strength-Based Psychodynamic


Anxiety Grounding Depression Trauma Emotional Regulation Teenage Troubles


Carly Kaplan Lebherz
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