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Jacqueline Trombley

Board Approved Social Work Supervisor

Jacqueline has been a clinical social worker for over 11 years and is trained as a trauma specialist by the Firentz Institute in Baltimore.

Jacqueline has extensive experience with clients experiencing various mental health disorders and challenges including grief, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Additionally, she has worked in multiple settings, such as treatment foster care, homeless shelters, outpatient mental health clinics, and private practice.

Currently, Jacqueline owns a clinical practice - Life Lift, LLC - where she provides psychotherapy for clients, supervises and trains other mental health professionals, administers psychosocial assessments for the office of the public defender, and leads wellness groups for human service providers. She also hosts mental health seminars for private companies covering a wide range of topics.

Jacqueline teaches a seminar at the University of Maryland School of Social Work focusing on issues of oppression, privilege, cultural humility, and an anti-oppression framework in the context of a social work practice. 

“I believe in a strengths-based approach in which client and therapist work together to identify and eliminate barriers to their ability to live their best lives. I use positive psychology and an eclectic range of evidence-based modalities to increase my clients' ability to experience true joy.”


Jacqueline Trombley
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